Weight Loss Tips – 5 Cardio Workouts Tips

Weight Loss Tips – 5 Cardio Workouts Tips

An unhealthy gut can have a knock-on effect on the rest of your body. Here are 5 ways to help you feel energised and active.

Did you know that 70 per cent of your immune system is centered in your gut? So if your gut isn’t healthy, this has a knock-on effect on the rest of your body.

Here are 5 ways to help feel fitter, energized and active:

1. DE-stress to calm IBS symptoms:

What you can do: The underlying cause of IBS is still unknown, however stress is a recognized trigger, with elevated stress hormones stimulating the gut, says Joanna. Try stress relieving techniques, such as avoiding multi-tasking, relaxing and getting out, exercising and deep breathing when tense.(5 WAYS TO FEEL FITTER – AND GET A FLAT TUMMY!)

2.Watch your diet to prevent bloating:

Bloating affects 60 per cent of women, says gastroenteritis Professor Terry Olin. Researchers from Monash University discovered that this may be due to intolerance to certain foods, such as honey, fruit and artificial sweeteners – also known as FODMAPs (ferment able oligonucleotides, saccharine, Saccharomyces and polyols). ‘An intolerance to fructose in apples, pears and honey means your body is unable to break down the sugars. Bacteria then release a lot of gas, causing bloating and pain,’ explains dietetic Julie Gilbert.

What you can do: Always need to loosen your belt after eating? Julie suggests reducing certain foods, including fructose (wheat, onion, leeks and cabbage), fructose (honey, apples, pears and watermelon), and galactans (baked kidney beans, chickpeas and lentils).5 WAYS TO FEEL FITTER – AND GET A FLAT TUMMY!.(5 WAYS TO FEEL FITTER – AND GET A FLAT TUMMY!)

3.Eat mindfully to prevent indigestion:

To prevent the pain of indigestion – including heartburn and reflux, or burping, abdominal pressure,
flatulence and mild nausea – consider your eating behaviour, and the environment you eat in. ‘When your posture is bad, your gut is also in a bad position, so your digestive system can’t work effectively,’ says Joanna.

What you can do: Try to eat in a relaxed environment by sitting at the table, and reduce background
distractions like TV, otherwise you tend to overeat and eat too quickly. Focus on your food, chew thoroughly, wear loosefitting clothes to reduce pressure on the stomach, and sit up straight.(5 WAYS TO FEEL FITTER – AND GET A FLAT TUMMY!)

4.Get moving to ease constipation:

It’s not a great topic but constipation is quite common with almost one in five of us experiencing the condition. Symptoms include straining, hard or lumpy stools, unproductive bowel movements or abdominal bloating/ distension. Physical inactivity and lack of exercise are key risk factors – a sedentary lifestyle results in a sluggish bowel.

What you can do: ‘I don’t know any runners who are constipated,’ says Joanna. ‘This is because exercise stimulates the bowel.’ Try to exercise for 20-30 minutes every day. Drink plenty of water, visit the bathroom when you feel the urge, and don’t forget the importance of fiber in your diet. According to the nutrition experts at www.kelloggs.co.za, 80 per cent of us don’t eat enough fiber – a trend that often starts in childhood. The Guideline Daily Amount for fiber is 25g for adults and 15g for children aged between 5-10 years. Most of us need to increase our current fiber intake by about 50 per cent in order to reach this target.(5 WAYS TO FEEL FITTER – AND GET A FLAT TUMMY!)

5 Reduce salt to ease heartburn:

Hold the salt, especially if you suffer from heartburn – a painful symptom of re flux where acid from the stomach flows back into the o esophagus. Study results from the Department of Surgery at Carolinian Hospital, Sweden, found that those eating salty food at least three times a week may have a 50 per cent risk of re flux symptoms, and adding salt to food regularly may increase the risk by 70 per cent compared to those who never add salt or eat salty food. One possible explanation is that those who use a lot of salt may also be eating fatty, fried foods that increase the risk of heartburn.

What you can do: If your symptoms of re flux are mild, cut back on salt in your diet. Additionally, adopting healthy lifestyle changes may further reduce symptoms. Eliminating alcohol, quitting smoking, noting which foods unsettle your stomach and avoiding lying down immediately after meals, will all help too.(5 WAYS TO FEEL FITTER – AND GET A FLAT TUMMY!)

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